Barrier Ropes

Barrier Ropes

Barrier and Bannister Ropes in traditional 3-strand and modern braided construction.

24mm & 32mm coloured barrier and bannister ropes, manufactured in the UK on a traditional rope walk. Made from spun polyester to look and feel like a dyed cotton.

35mm braided polyester barrier and bannister rope manufactured in Europe.

26mm & 34mm White Yacht Rope made from a soft polypropylene for a soft and smooth indoor and outdoor barrier rope.

We also have ropes in some of our other categories that are suitable for barrier and bannister ropes: Synthetic Hemp Rope, Jute Rope, Natural Hemp Rope, Manila Rope and Synthetic Sisal Rope.

Brass Rope Fittings are available in our Rope and Chain Fittings category. We can splice and finish rope ends for you too.

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